Printemps Department Store : Secrets & Backstage


This gift voucher offers an unprecedented heritage tour of the secrets of Printemps Haussmann, past and present, and access to iconic areas of the building, normally closed to the public.

Printemps was a pioneer when its founders, Augustine and Jules Jaluzot, opened the first department store in Western Paris in 1865, in a brand new district that was not very busy at the time. The symbolism of renewal attached to its name indicates the many innovations and successive transformations that have taken place there over more than 150 years. It also brought a new concept of fashion and elegance to a booming city, home to busy artists, inventors and entrepreneurs.
This guided tour takes you behind the scenes of Printemps, in search of its architectural secrets, its history and the many trades essential to the operation of the department store.

Your guide will reveal the hidden side of this unique architectural landmark, which has seen more than a century of inventions and artistic expression since its foundation. After enjoying an exceptional panoramic view of the rooftops of Paris and the golden domes, the tour will take you through secret passages usually closed to the public, in search of hidden treasures. You will explore inside the stained glass dome, 20 metres in diameter, the main staircase, the carpentry and mirror workshops, and the many ornamental details inspired by the artistic trends that have transformed Paris between the Second Empire and the present day.

This gift voucher can be used up to 12 months after its purchase date on the website in the "use a voucher" section, on the desired date amongst the available tour slots.

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Printemps Department Store : Secrets & Backstage

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