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Secrets of Parisian bridges


With this gift voucher, enjoy a guided tour against the current and follow the Seine's path to discover the romantic history of Paris and its bridges.

Since ancient times, when Paris was still called Lutèce, Parisians built bridges to tame the Seine, this life-sustaining river with its swift current which was as much an asset for the city as it was an obstacle to overcome.

So much so that bridges have always been part of the landscape and the lives of Parisians. People used to live on them, in narrow houses that shook when boats passed underneath. They went there to do business and even to dance. Theatres of incredible events, love stories and tragedies...each bridge plays a role in the history of Paris as well as in the lives of many Parisians, both famous and unknown.

Through fires, floods, revolutions, world exhibitions and successions to power, some bridges have crumbled while others have been built. The ambition of their backers and engineers has each time led to amazing architectural feats, linking together the most beautiful monuments in Paris.

From the Pont Neuf to Pont Alexandre III, your tour guide, passionate about history and architecture, will help you discover the richness of these highly symbolic works which have inspired many artists.

From one bank to the other, day or night, you can discover this little-known facet of Paris’s history, while marveling at the exceptional views offered by these balconies over the Seine.

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Secrets of Parisian bridges

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