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Manoir de Paris

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Go back in time to the dark history of the City of Lights... It is in the heart of Paris, that you will undertake a veritable obstacle course inside a haunted house.
A far cry from the caricatures of ghost trains or ruined houses, Le Manoir de Paris is a real American-style attraction located inside a sumptuous building, ranked as a National Heritage Site.

In this two-storey house, you will follow an obscure interactive itinerary. You will discover every single scary Parisian legend, brought back to life by more than 20 actors in full costume and make-up.
You will discover many different reconstituted atmospheres that tell Parisian legends, from the lesser-known to the most famous ones: The Haunted Catacombs, the Phantom of the Opera, the Werewolf Myth, the Vampires’ Cave, the Man in the Iron Mask, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Guillotine…

Once you enter inside Le Manoir de Paris, you will discover Paris like you have never seen it before, forever haunted by its mysteries and legends.

Your entrance ticket gives you priority access to the Manoir de Paris.
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Additional informations

  • Address
    • 18 Rue de Paradis
    • 75010 Paris

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