Visit of the Maison Zola - Dreyfus Museum

Maison Zola - Musée Dreyfus
Situated in Médan, the Maison Zola-Musée Dreyfus is an exceptional place to rediscover two men's linked fate surrounding a major event in the history of France.

After being meticulously restored, the Maison Zola, a genuinely warm and inviting place devoted to creative writing, will reopen its doors to the public in October 2021.
As the home of the classic novelist for nearly 25 years, it is a carefully preserved historical gem that allows visitors to dive into the private life of one of the world's most well-read and erudite French authors. This is where he produced his true classics such as Nana and Germinal.

Emile Zola was sensitive, decidedly modern and progressive, features that are reflected in the interior arrangement and decoration of this house.

To complete your visit, discover the brand-new Musée Dreyfus, which has been established in an outbuilding of the Maison Zola. This is the first museum dedicated to the infamous scandal that divided opinion at the dawn of the 20th century and for which Emile Zola's public involvement marked a critical turning point.

The multiple historical documents associated with innovative mediation devices provide exciting keys to understanding this affair and its lasting impact on French society.
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Health and safety measures related to COVID-19 :
- Wearing a mask (not provided) is recommended but not compulsory

Booking :
- To book a group tour in English or in another language, please contact us.
- Your booking includes a one-hour guided tour of the Maison Zola and (about) 45 minutes of free access to the Dreyfus Museum.
- Your booking time is when the guided tour of the Maison Zola will start. You can access the Dreyfus Museum (opening times : 9:30-12:30am / 1:30-5:30pm) before or after the guided tour of the Maison Zola.
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Practical information :
- The whole Maison Zola-Musée Dreyfus site is closed between 12:30 and 1:30 pm
- Lockers can be provided to school groups.
- School groups can have access to educational areas during the free access to the Dreyfus Museum.
- Free access to the Maison Zola gardens (closed between 12:30 and 1:30 pm) for visitors with a booking
- No picnic

A taste of the visit

"Belle évocation d’Emile Zola"
Reviewed 09/05/2022 by XXXX20130000
Visite de la maison de Émile Zola à Médan. Passionnante visite des pénates de l’écrivain. La guide était charmante et passionnante sachant vraiment rendre vivante la vie d’Émile Zola. La maison quant... » more

"maison emile zola de medan"
Reviewed 10/03/2022 by Caroline V
decouvrir la maison d'emile zola avec une guide tres agreable et competente fut un un vrai regal ! n'hesitez pas un bel endroit a decouvrir a medan dans les yvelines » more

Additional informations

  • Address
    • Maison Zola - Musée Dreyfus
    • 26, Rue Pasteur
    • 78670 MÉDAN
  • Access
    • - Depuis Paris : gare d'arrêt Villennes-sur-Seine (Transilien J au départ de Saint-Lazare, trains toutes les 30 min max.) + 20 min de marche
      - Stationnement voitures : à 5 min de la Maison Zola - Musée Dreyfus
    • - Autocars : Dépôt/reprise visiteurs possible rue Pasteur - Stationnement rue de Vernouillet (pas de stationnement centre village notamment rue Pasteur, square Ronsard ou bords de Seine)
      - Accès PMR : 26b rue Pasteur (2 places de parking)
  • Practical information
    • Disabled access
    • Bar close
Visit of the Maison Zola - Dreyfus Museum

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