Paris' love side

Parisian districts
Love has no age, no laws and no rules... There are as many love stories as there are hearts in love. During this visit, let yourself be seduced and carried away by your guide through the meandering streets of the eternal city.

What should I think if someone offers me a single red rose? How did Henri IV come up with the expression "whispering sweet nothings"? What are the most beautiful words of love of an ordinary couple? Discover how Anne of Austria initiated her son, Louis XIV, to the pleasures of the flesh. Touch upon the beauty secrets of Diane de Poitiers and discover her romantic passions. But who was the famous Valentine?

Whether they belong to the past or the present, famous or anonymous men, whether they are heavenly or earthly, love stories are as different as they are numerous and fascinating to whisper.
Impossible, improbable, symbolic or even frivolous, each of the 7 stories will touch you like Cupid's arrow.
The starting point of this tour is in front of the Hotel de Sully, in the heart of the Marais, where you will be told this wonderful mythological story.

You will then walk the cobblestones of this must-see district, on the lookout for all the stories, anecdotes, uses and customs that your guide will recount to you with delicacy, love and mischief.

A surprising visit which will give you wings!
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Meeting point : 62, Saint Antoine Street 75004.
In case of bad weather, Cultival may postpone the visit.
Comfortable shoes are recommended.

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Paris' love side

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