Secret reserves of the National Manufactory, an exclusive guided tour

Mobilier national
Cultival offers you a unique guided tour of the Mobilier National reserves. Accompanied by a tour guide, you'll have the opportunity to explore in small groups behind the scenes of this more than four-hundred-year-old institution.

Since 1604, this organization has been supporting the government, the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne, the Mobilier Impérial and Mobilier National, with one of its main missions being to take care of the furnishings of government buildings and royal residences under the Ancient Regime and the Elysée today. Throughout the decades, the Mobilier National's collection has grown steadily, and now contains more than 130,000 furniture and textile objects, which are carefully preserved and maintained in the reserves you'll have the privilege of visiting.

During the evening or on weekends, your tour guide will welcome you at the entrance of this imposing building, constructed of reinforced concrete and designed by the architect Perret. In the courtyard, you'll hear all about the history of the place, which was built specifically to house the Mobilier National's collections. Its architecture was, in fact, specifically designed to provide the space and climatic conditions necessary for the conservation of the Mobilier National's most valuable pieces.

From the entry hall, your guide will tell you about the Mobilier National's mission and especially that of the research and production workshop, which promotes creation and contemporary design.

Your visit will continue along the second floor to the reserve's largest hall: the Perret room. This rectangular room, with its imposing size, will transport you immediately into the world of the reserves. Its understated style in reinforced concrete provides a stark contrast to the richness of its contents. It houses hundreds of prestigious furnishings from various eras and styles, arranged on shelves or placed on the floor, covered up or available for viewing.

In this room, you'll see objects that were used by France's highest-ranking officials, kings, emperors and presidents. Your guide will specifically show you the desks of several of France's presidents (Auriol, D'Estaing, Mitterand, etc.).

You will then descend to the 1st floor in the active reserve where the raw materials are kept. You will have the privilege of opening various cupboards filled with collection fabrics, trimmings, velvet and active fabrics, still used today for the restoration of the furniture.
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Essential information

Health and safety measures related to COVID-19 :
- Wearing a mask (not provided) is recommended but not compulsory
- Since March 14th, 2022, the Vaccine Pass is not required to access the Mobilier national anymore
- Please do not touch anything during the visit.

Additional information
- This tour includes stairs (4 floors), with no systematic access to elevators.
- Furnishings and objects on view in the reserves may vary from one visit to another.
- The tour is not recommended for children less than 12 years old.
- As the Mobilier National reserves are a place of work, the visit itinerary may vary depending on the news.

A taste of the visit

"Réserves du mobilier national"
Reviewed 19/06/2022 by sandrinefY5876YU
Exellente visite des réserves du mobilier national en petit groupe (8 personnes). Cette visite permet d'approcher du mobilier d'exception dans un contexte différent des expositions, monuments ou... » more

"Visite des réserves du mobilier national par Cultival"
Reviewed 17/04/2022 by demon57oto
Notre guide Béatrice a fait preuve de beaucoup d'humour et de bonne humeur communicative. Elle est imbattable sur l'architecture du XXÈME et les us et coutumes de cette institution vénérable. Merci... » more

Additional informations

  • Address
    • Mobilier national
    • 1, rue Berbier du Mets
    • 75013 Paris
  • Access
    • Métro : Gobelins (L7)
Secret reserves of the National Manufactory

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