14th July 1789 saw the dawn of one of the most important days in the history of Paris. We invi" />

Treasure Hunt : The prisoner of the Bastille

Parisian Districts- Treasure Hunt
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14th July 1789 saw the dawn of one of the most important days in the history of Paris.

We invite you to meet Maxime Delavoie, a real Parisian from 1789, and relive that legendary day in French history with him.

It's the morning of July 14th, and whilst the crowds are becoming more and more restless in the Fossé Saint-Antoine, Maxime has a rendezvous with a mysterious conspirator. He is given a hugely important mission: to free a prisoner from the most famous of the royal prisons, the Bastille fortress.
Maxime contacts you and asks you to help him mount an assault on the fortress.

Your mission: follow his steps back through time and to solve the riddles, thus enabling him to organize the escape.

As you lead the way for Maxime, you will soon be caught up in the excitement of the day and you will experience the fall of Bastille, step by step through his eyes.

You will be equipped with a handbook comprising an old map and all the information you need to find your way around the streets of the time.
Throughout your journey you will travel along passages, some of them secret, involving the phantom of Bastille prison. What remains of them today will become clear as your quest advances.
You'll come across a whole range of emblematic characters: artisans, labourers, rioters, conscripts, soldiers, looters... but will they fight you or will they aid you in your quest?

This fun adventure from times gone by will reveal everything about this turning point in The French Revolution.

From the first rumblings of discontent to the final assault, you will discover step-by-step all the events and the players that finally brought down this most symbolic of French prisons.

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Treasure Hunt : Bastille

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