Would you be able to bring peace to a lost soul in this paper chase? With tenacity and " />

Treasure hunt : the ghost of the Montparnasse cemetery

Parisian Districts- Treasure Hunt
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Would you be able to bring peace to a lost soul in this paper chase? With tenacity and foresight, discover the hints that will help you understand the dark secret of the ghost of Montparnasse.

A young and intrepid photograph searching for thrill avoided the guardians and waited until the close of the cemetery. He was doing his night walk searching for a photo that could make him famous, when suddenly he witnessed the appearance of the ghost of a young and beautiful woman.

Knowing that the mystery should be solved, he tried everything to clarify it…but he couldn’t.
At the end of your investigation you will, perhaps, discover the magic formula to make the ghost leave this world and find peace.
A paper chase in the 2nd biggest cemetery of Paris that will also lead you to the discovery of the burial of several famous men.

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Essential information

This is an outdoor visit.
Teams of 4/5 people will be done depending on the size of the group.
The investigation lasts for about 2 hours (average). A facilitator will welcome you at the beginning of the investigation to give you the instructions and will participate at the end to identify the winner team.

Not recommended for children under 12.
Not recommended to wear heels.
In case of bad weather, Cultival may postpone the visit.
The cemetery is a contemplation place, it is imperative to respect the propriety rules (do not run, do not scream…)
Attention: the cemetery closes at 5.45pm

A taste of the visit

"Visite enquête au cimetière du Montparnasse"
Reviewed 10/06/2019 by Louloutropical
Il ne s'agit pas ici d'une visite guidée mais d'une enquête qui se déroule au cimetière du Montparnasse et qui nous permet en même temps de visiter ce cimetière. Nous avons passé un excellent moment... » more

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  • Address
    • Parisian Districts- Treasure Hunt
    • 75000 Paris
Treasure hunt : Montparnasse

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