Terms and Conditions


The agency Cultival offers seats in Premier and/or Golden category for performances, as well as access to guided tours, museums, exhibitions, cruises and event management services.



The present sales terms & conditions are put in place to define the terms and conditions of access to the opportunities and services et services offered to clients by the agency Cultival, RCS Paris 429 945 447, with a capital of 50.000 €, located at 42 rue des Jeûneurs 75002 Paris, VAT n° FR96 429 945 447.

Services at the agency include, telephonic and Internet advice and reservation of tickets for performances; guided or non-guided tours as well as gift certificates.


Agency timings

FIT bookings: Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 18h00

Group bookings: Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 18h00


Legal framework

The general conditions of Sale are subject to French law. These general conditions of sale may be changed at any time on the initiative of Cultival. The general conditions of sale applicable to an order will be those in line at the time of the order.

Any dispute relating to these and which can not be a mutual agreement between the parties shall be brought before the courts.


Information and Freedom Act

In accordance with Article 27 of the Information and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978, the buyer is informed that the personal information that is requested in the course of the telephone call is essential for the processing of the file. Each customer has a right to access and rectify the data concerning him/her by writing to Cultival, attaching a copy of his identity card with the request.




Article 1 : Audience

These tours are destined at regrouped individuals and groups.


Article 2 : Dates and timetables of guided tours

The guided tours take place during the opening times and days of each monument or site, excluding exceptional closures.

The duration of the tours is mentioned in the sales brochure and on the site www.cultival.fr.


Article 3 : Organisation of Groups

A group can be welcomed by one or several guides, each supervising a sub-group. The number of visitors per sub-group is pre-defined for each site, with a minimum and a maximum number of visitors.

The minimum number of visitors is mentioned in the sales brochure for the indicated year and on the website www.cultival.fr.

The maximum number of visitors is modulated with the consent of the site and the client, on the condition that it does not affect the smooth functioning of the visit.


Article 4 : Definition of Rates

The rates mentioned in the promotional brochures and on the agency’s website are in Euros, and include taxes (TTC). These rates may be revised at any time, according to the entry fees of the sites, and for packages, according to the prices of external service providers.

This is, in particular, applicable to rates linked to restaurants and catering and / or including transfers and transport.

All groups or individuals participating in a guided tour must present a valid entry ticket which corresponds to their category according to the conditions stated by the sales department.


Article 5 : Ticketing - Vouchers

Each visit has its own numbered ticket or its voucher adequately referenced and issued by Cultival or by the site. Only visitors with this type of  ticket or voucher can participate in the visit. Unused tickets are not refundable. A voucher may be utilised for many visits; in this case, their number is mentioned.


Article 6 : Tours and bookings

Reservation is obligatory and must be guaranteed by the reservation team with the dispatch of the « booking option » document or an estimated quotation. Sending a pre-reservation or an estimated quotation by fax or email is not a guarantee of confirmation. Any requests for bookings, modifications or cancellations cannot be processed unless they are sent in writing [fax, email, request registered on the agency’s website].


Article 7 : Confirmation of reservation and Payment

All reservations must be confirmed, at the latest, by the date marked on the « Booking Option » document. This confirmation, which serves as your definitive reservation, can be made as follows:


Dispatch of a cheque in favour of Cultival / 42 rue des Jeûneurs 75002 Paris, France.

Payment by credit card or by bank transfer

An administrative "Bon de commande" indicating in a legible manner, the number of persons, the type of tickets and the total amount as well as  the contact details of the organisation that will settle the bill. This "bon de commande" should be validated by the organisation that will settle the bill.

Cash payment, valid only if settled at our agency


In return, Cultival will send the client confirmation of the payment or a confirmation of receipt of the "bon de commande".

In all cases, tickets or vouchers will only be delivered after payment.


 Article 8 : Tour Process

All the visitors that make up a group must be present together before the start of the tour. Any latecomers run the risk of not being admitted.

Any group or individual who arrives late will accordingly have a reduced visiting time.

In case of unforeseen circumstances concerning the monument or site (for technical, security or artistic reasons etc.), the envisaged tour could be modified the same day, without any possibility of refund or compensation.


 Article 9 : Specific clauses


Guided Tours at Palais Garnier

The Palais Garnier, being a show site, for technical or artistic reasons, we cannot guarantee systematic access to the Auditorium.


Guided Tours of the Eiffel Tower

The behind the scenes guided tour, for individuals or for groups, does not give clients priority access to the elevators of the Eiffel Tower. Cultival cannot be responsible for queuing times caused by a large number of visitors, or any technical problems. A high number of visitors could change the course of the visit, with the client’s permission. The visit is subject to ticket purchase and shall not entitle visitors to priority access to the lifts. For security reasons, the Eiffel Tower reserves the right to check the content of Clients' bags and if applicable to confiscate any items deemed dangerous, which shall not be returned to their owner.


Once tickets have been issued, no modification is possible.

The agency will propose, in case of cancellation of a tour, another timeslot as replacement without this giving rise to a partial or complete reimbursement , or any compensation.


Guided Tours behind the scenes of Parisian theatres and the Lido

Due to show schedules, the timetables must be strictly adhered to. Consequently, any delay to the visit will not be compensated for either by reimbursement or replacement. Technical or artistic reasons may prevent a theatre from allowing access for a previously arranged visit, even at the last minute. In such a case, Cultival will propose the visit of an alternative theatre as a replacement without the possibility of a partial or total refund, nor any compensation.


 Article 10 : Cancellation Conditions

If, as a result of circumstances beyond our control concerning the functioning of a site, or in case of a failure by one of our service providers, Cultival deems it necessary to cancel all or part of the agreed service, our clients will have the right to reimbursement of the sum corresponding to the services which were not provided, along with the reservation fees, but not including damages, or, where possible, to an equivalent replacement service, which was not part of the initial programme.

Weather conditions, strikes, protests or disturbance in traffic do not constitute a condition for the cancellation of a visit.


In the case of cancellation by the client, reimbursements are as follows:

Cancellation 15 days in advance                                                        100% of the invoice

Cancellation between 8 and 15 days in advance                              75% of the invoice raised

Cancellation between 5 and 8 days in advance                               50% of the invoice raised

Cancellation five or less days in advance                                         No reimbursement


 Article 11 : Responsibility

For security and responsibility reasons, Cultival's guides reserve the right to refuse taking charge of individuals or groups whose state or behaviour is not appropriate for the visit (particularly for the backstage visits). No reimbursement or compensation will be given in such cases.


 Article 12 : Sales to tourism professionals

After agreement and signature of a contract between the tourism professional and Cultival, exchange vouchers will be accepted.  The tourism professional will supply Cultival with a copy of an exchange voucher. An invoice payable on receipt will be sent following the visit.






 Article 1 : Services

The agency Cultival offers seats in Premier and/or Golden category for performances, as well as access to guided tours, museums, exhibitions.


 Article 2 : Rates

The tariff for ticketing and related activities includes the purchase price of the ticket plus agency fee at the general agency rate and includes taxes, postage by ordinary letter, fees for management, rental and ticket issuance as well as the rent charges employed in certain theatres. This increase is applicable in accordance with the theatres and other places of entertainment. The price indicated on your ticket corresponds to the production price and not the price paid. Delivery charges are applicable where necessary.

The information and ticket prices listed on the brochure, website or other published media are indicative and are subject to change, with either an increase or a decrease, depending on the status of the shows or the modification of the rate as decided by the service providers.


 Article 3 : The Purchase of Services

Reservations are made by fax, by e-mail, on the agency’s website or by telephone.

Any request confirmed by the agency’s counsellors is considered firm and final. It engages the client’s responsibility.


 Article 4 : Availability

Cultival has agreements with most auditoriums that grant it a stock of seats.

These stocks are necessarily limited, and Cultival can not commit to customer satisfaction outside of this availability.

Disabled persons: it is necessary to specify at the time of reservation, the practical necessities for your disability. A special request will consequently be made to the auditorium. This request for information is necessary.

If you want to add one or more extra seat(s) to an existing booking, please know that we can not guarantee that these additional seats will be located next to the 1st seats reserved.

It is imperative to respect the performance schedule. In case of delay, you may be denied access to the theatre or you may attend the 2nd part of the performance. Your seats may be assigned to other spectators and may well be downgraded.


 Article 5 : Method of payment

Payment by credit card only, with the request, or in cash at the agency.

The vouchers or tickets are sent once the payment is confirmed.


 Article 6 : Cancellations and modifications

All reservation requests are closed. Consequently, the reserved seats can not be cancelled or postponed, altered or exchanged. The legal provisions on distance selling in the Code of Consumption that provides the right of withdrawal does not apply to sales of performances/shows. You have neither the right of return nor the right of an exchange in case of a remote purchase of a seat for a performance.

However, on receipt of requests for cancellation, Cultival will strive to put back said seats on sale, while retaining the booking fee if re-sold.

Any performance, interrupted or shortened or otherwise not consumed by a client, of his will or for any other reason whatsoever, will be non-refundable. No refunds will be issued in case of loss of ticket by the client. In case of loss of voucher, call us no later than 4 hours before the show (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays): We will make your ticket available at the counter in the auditorium.

Any delay or non-presentation is considered a withdrawal and does not give rise to any refund.

The theatres and show organizers reserve the right to cancel a show without first informing the audience and such cancellations warrants the viewer,

a compensation other than the reimbursement of the ticket (within a period defined by the producer) .


 Article 7 : Validity

Make sure the information on your ticket or your voucher, correspond to your order. No claims will be accepted after the show.


 Article 8 : Ticketing

With exception, Cultival delivers vouchers. A voucher does not allow access to the show. It is to be exchanged on the day of the performance against a ticket at the counter in the auditorium no later than 20 minutes before the show. In some cases, and only at the request of the producers or the organizers of the show, the original tickets can be issued.


 Article 9 : Loss of tickets

The auditoriums, producers, show organizers are under no obligation to issue duplicates. This provision may be subject to adjustments if your ticket is numbered (seating allocated in the hall).


Numbered ticket :

In case of loss, some auditoriums are willing to deliver, exceptionally, a duplicate. The issuance of a duplicate cancels and replaces the original ticket.

This request for a duplicate must be placed with our service 72 hours before the show or at the latest the morning of the show (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). We will make out a duplicate to be collected at the check-in counter of the auditorium, at the latest a 1/2 hour before the performance, in the name the booking was made.


Non numbered ticket or free seating :

Duplicate impossible. Any ticket not received is a ticket lost (non refundable – non exchangeable). It is strongly advised to opt for a secure dispatch.


Article 10 : Dispatch of tickets

Booking confirmations accompanied by vouchers are sent by ordinary post.

The original tickets as regards to them:

Sent by courier, for a supplementary fee of approx 15€;

Sent by post, with a tracking option, for a supplementary fee of approx 5€;

Made available at the Agency.


 Article 11 : Responsibilities

Cultival disclaims any liability in case of loss by the client, or theft of show tickets and tickets to theme parks.